Red Path, or sometimes known as “Red Road” is and old phrase originated from Native American spirituality, specifically the Lakota tribe, which runs in Marcus’s blood. Walking the Red Path means in brief to walk the right and good path of life. We want everything we do to reflect the good ways of life, to live fully, to love others, to always strive to be better. So we felt the name fit perfect, and we went with it!

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Marcus Fetch (Owner, Artist)

Marcus moved to Birmingham in 2012 after traveling on the road for couple years. Quickly into living in downtown he started a non profit called Redemptive Cycles which is now a staple of Birmingham. Over his years building Redemptive he became a proficient graphic designer, servicing Redemptive’s brand and other small businesses. His artistic passion led him first into utilizing murals to improve the block around the bike shop. It didn’t take to long to see the incredible transformation the murals had around the block changing what was seen as the homeless shelter trash area into the most colorful block in down town! April of 2017 Marcus retired from running Redemptive as the Executive Director and pursued a career full time in graphic design, branding, and murals. He is now currently accredited for around 75% of the murals in Birmingham with over 30 murals under his belt and serves local business’s through graphic and branding services.


Sean Gilder (Artist)

Sean was raised in Enterprise, Al and went to college at Auburn University for graphic design. After graduation he moved up to NYC to pursue his creative career, where he designed for premier brands such as L’Oreal, Tumi, and Faberge. While freelancing he used his diverse set of talents to create murals around New York for art galleries, coffee shops, bars, comedy clubs and restaurants. After 10 years in NYC he decided that he wanted to take his talents back to his home state. He was connected to Marcus through a mutual friend. They were both muralists in Alabama who shared a passion for art’s power to create positive change within a community. He moved to Birmingham in 2017 and fell in love with the community. Sean also has a deep love of live music. While in NYC he helped found the underground music events company Bang On-NYC! and went to countless shows. In 2016 he joined the volunteer team in New York for the global music organization Sofar Sounds that is in over 400 cities in the world. He wanted to share that experience down south and founded the first Sofar Sounds in Alabama.