Over the years, we have been able to activate spaces and change our community through the power of public murals. We know how many hard working non  profits there are in this town and we want to give back. This September we are giving the winning non profit a free mural! Register below to be a part of the contest. 


The  contest will run for 7 days starting September 10th and ending on the 17th. 

Must be fully signed up by September 8th to by included in the voting poll

Any individual can vote for the non profit of their choosing once l per day. 

Email address is required to vote.

The non profit with the most votes by end of day on September 17th wins. 

The mural will be custom designed in efforts to try and fit the mission of the winning non profit, so we will work with you and your team to come up with something you love. The mural can be in an indoor or outdoor space up to 12ft x 20ft. 

To sign up your non profit for the contest, please fill out the form below before September 8th. 

Name *